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Made up of a group of people from diverse backgrounds, Jask Auto Parts Inc. is run by a group entrepreneur with years of experience in the recycled auto parts business. We come together to form a customer-centric company where the customer comes first. We are a young company with many years of experience.

At Jask auto parts we get you unlimited access to killer deals on replacement parts for cars. You can stop searching for wholesale aftermarket units. We have access to more than 200 million parts in the USA and Canada. Due to our long-term experience and relation with junkyards, salvage yard, and auto recyclers we have developed a network to find you the best deals near you. Guaranteed response within 24 hours with the part location or you get refunded if you are paying a finder’s fee.

What we strive for?

Our Mission To bring to the masses the qualitative auto parts at affordable prices and remove the stigma of old parts aren’t good enough.

Our Values Prioritizing customers over profitability.

Our Solution

Name it and we find the part. We not only provide an end-to-end solution, from the acquisition of the part to the fixation in a car, but we also have the first service “Find a Part service“, in which we directly connect the end consumer with garages or patios for a very small finder fee. in case the client does not want to opt for our comprehensive service.

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used Transmission

We have a huge inventory of used transmission with low mileage, A grade & quality tested with long warranty. Just click on the link below or fill up the form for an instant quote.

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